Thursday 23 February 2012

Triathlon post

I am finally updating the guide for rational people to triathlon for those (ever more) people looking to this as a way to get both the discipline and the reward to get properly fit in a very rounded manner again (swim, bike, run works pretty much all the major muscle sets). It also pays off in your professional and personal life, as long as you get the balance right.

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Thursday 9 February 2012

Technology & Innovation

Have added the first phase of the technology and innovation page,

based on extensive experience of creating new products and services within mobile and IT for over 10 years, which will be being evolved over the coming months as I:
  1. update the archives from the old blogs, 
  2. add views from books and reports, as well as 
  3. insight from the real world of innovation in technology, which requires a complete rethink each time across the whole value chain if technology is to be successful all the way from:
  • Defining board strategy to working internal teams to make sure it is genuine innovation and not just a sum of parts available to product managers who are told they want it launched for Christmas or yesterday
  • Working  with agencies and internal marketing and finance and product teams, and UX, etc, etc to create brand, price and other "P's" as a product whole, not in silos with conflicting interests (and conflicting views of change and risk)
  • patenting to maximise value of final point, extend exclusivity & maximise first user advantage or revenues
  • to problem solving with developers, suppliers, and system integrators to get real innovation delivered (everybody likes the idea, but when they realise they have opened a can of worms they tend to a) drop it, and worse b) never touch another can again
  • negotiating new contracts with distributors and retailers innovation even has knock on effects here, where a lot of products that made it ball the way here then sadly fail
  • to expanding and even sale, acquisition or trade...