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In 2018 I was lucky enough to have been chosen by 3T to be a brand ambassador for their Strada bike. I have since added the Explore Racemax to by small N+1 collection and pretty much ride theses bikes exclusively since. For 2023 I will be riding the Racemax Ultra, which will be very exciting for a few reasons I will be sharing soon!

I have been evangelising the benefits of 1X Road Bikes here on this blog and other social networks for years, having converted both my Specialized Tarmac and Specialized Shiv bikes to 1X Sram, so was more than happy to be a Brand Ambassador for 1X  envelope pushing pioneers 3T Bike

Richmond Park is the mainstay of training, maintaining and de-stressing for London's cyclists, from commuters to amateurs to pros to the next generation, we all go there to cycle largely our to traffic harms way

Latest Vlog for 3T Bike
I shall be posting the route here shortly, take a look at why I love City to Summit rides, my favourite views of the Guggenheim and river area of Bilbao, and the hills around Artzeniega

First Vlog for 3T Bike
Box hill was in the 2012 olympics and is a classic, despite being, err... just a hill lol, the Box Hill from London route can be found here:

First Blog entry for 3T Bike
Follow this link to the blog entry for London City escape

First Impressions 3T Strada Pro

Have started a closed Facebook group on 3T Strada and Racemax Exploro Group as an experiment, if you are genuinely interested in 1X please request to join and let me know what you think!

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