Coffee Making Processes

None of what I do would be possible without coffee... ok maybe that is an exaggeration, when I am ill I do not touch the stuff, but otherwise its part of the morning and afternoon ritual that at least triggers the brain to get over a lull in blood sugar and get on with things... here are the methods I use most!

Stovetop Moka pot coffee

Stovetop can be amazing, and it can also be the worst when done badly, mainly due to bitterness... many of the better youtube videos get around this by adding hot water to the pot, which works... but its also a pain, when for many, many years I have had amazing results from cold water... so I went about how and have it here - its all about how you heat and how you cool it, and there is also a tip on pouring at the end, as mock can vary in strength quite a lot from pot to pot and lot to lot... in the same pot!

Minipresso & Nanopresso

I had had this section as a draft for about 10 years... the written word is sometimes just too cumbersome to get right within the timeframe I have as a busy professional with a family and other commitments... so I decided to start blogging, which so far is allowing me to get content out quicker, recover my passion for photography and videography and, as always move with the trend.. a blog without vlog is like a blog without pictures of when I started 15 years ago...


I got my first Nespresso in 1999, straight after seeing the head office in Switzerland that was in the same building as one of my technology clients at the time. It's very good if not great coffee, but I try and minimise how many I use.

Yes there are other pods, but they are not that great.


I got my first Aeropress in 2011, from a company which called itself "Cream Supplies"... and email address my work colleagues saw and thought it was something else... the jokes got worse when they saw it, but it is now mainstream and one of the grind types of every major coffee house alongside the much older espresso, filter, etc. It is the latest classic and one of my favourites, again, had a draft on it for so long, a video is easier...

Cold Brew

Cold brew can be of great benefit to those who like / love coffee but cannot stomach the acidity, and also for coffee lovers who find coffee can sometimes not play nice with high carb breakfast and/or  early morning strenuous exercise... the video is in editing / shooting, so who knows when :)


Still love filter. Video is in edit. Coffee is what makes a large part of the world work...

Caffeine vs. Teaine.

Its all methylxanthine ... and its found in Chocolate, yes, tea, and river water... for reasons we will not go into

Formats consumption, origin

Live is too short to drink bad coffee 

coffee types and origins

Arabica vs robusta

People can go over this all day long, but I am very much an arabica fan, and can no longer be dealing with robusta, but taste varies with age so never say never


The way coffee beans are treated in the Americas, usually where they have abundant water, is different to Africa and typically the Row (OK, that is a big generalisation)... More on this and cascara when I get time! Sadly Bolivia has closed its borders, but Colombia, Costa Rica... ay ay ay...


I love some coffees from Africa and a Kenyan is may daily go to coffee... having said that one of the best coffees I ever had was brought back from a friend from Uganda, and Ethiopia has some very special characteristics that I need a hit of every so often!


Rarely do I go without an order of Sumatra... but not my Colombia / Kenya double pack :) More exploration needed!


I grow coffee in my back yard in London, and feed the beans to the meerkats in Battersea park zoo across the river to make my own London variety of Kopi Luwak.... (sorry that's not true lol)

Below are the only socially acceptable things to do with coffee, of course all the espresso types can be double, triple, etc.

Machiatone (skinny machiato)

This was a long time my favourite and still make occasionally today, there is something coming on this soon (I Promise!)


Flat White



Black coffee

White coffee


Iced coffee


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