Friday 27 January 2012

London Eye Galaxy Tab Wall

So, when your competitor is being a pain in the ar.. (sorry, these patent wars are ridiculous) ..see if you can put the unsold stock to work and why not scoop some great PR while the lawyers are busy limiting consumer choice...

So how do you do this??? I was long thinking Samsung should sponsor galleries, like the Hockney instant art exhibition in Paris, or even sponsor schools to get kids doing their art on tabs rather than paper (if you go beyond a bit of art the commercial questions may be raised again) but this is is one better and I want one in my hall, and my kitchen, and...

It all raises some interesting questions:
  1. given the complexity and cost of big screens being made touch, is the concept of the interactive wall and the interactive table, more likely to be multi-tab than big screen? After all, you can adapt the size and shape, for example an oval could be made of a centre of 9" tabs and 7" ones at the sides and even the odd smartphone to fill in
  2. is the "no market for 7" tabs" debate irrelevant, as our experience of tabs will be big tab, small tab, multi-tab, or is this just a one-off
  3. can we do this with all the useless picture frames in the world and finally have a use for them... oh, no, I forgot, they have no connectivity, intelligence or anything... and picture frames are still a lamentable waste of a screen and an SD card slot...
  4. Have mobile operators found a new way to up their tablet sales - get four tabs for for three and a few "adaptimount" :)
  5. can you do this with your old smartphones and 
  6. what software is used to synch them - I want!
  7. Is this further proof of what I have long been a believer in; using your tech for marketing, get it out there, use samples for PR as Nokia did in the good old days, its cheaper than above the line, and gets real experiential marketing...
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